My 8th Book Cover : Penahluk Firaun (Kisah Nabi Musa As dan Harun As). First Islamic Book I Ever Wrote



This is my first islamic book i ever wrote, especially for children.
It was not easy to write this book. I almost desperate when i wrote it.

But, thanks God, i can fullfilled my responsibility to the team that wrote about Stories of all Prophet in Quran.

I was choosen to write about Prophet Musa and Prophet Harun based on Quran. I did buy a Tafsir of Quran from Ibn Khaldun to help me in finishing this book.

It took almost half year to research and write about this book. Actually until now, i still can’t believe and proud of myself, that i can finish this book, even as a lately one in my team. *sorry for the team.

I hope in the future, i will write more islamic book and children book. Amin


My 7th Book Cover : The Cousins (First from -intention- Trilogy)




The person that i put in charge in looking for the sketch of this cover, is my brother. I asked him to draw a sketch about a boy with a cool face. And i need the eyes as a background.

Dhika, my brother, drew a sketch like what i want. I gave it to the publisher, and they made the cover like this.

I love it. Even, i hate a bracelet that this boy’s wearing. it is not what i wish for. But, despite of that, i love the cool face and the eyes of this cover….

I’ve wrote about the process in writing this novel in this post.  (But in Bahasa Indonesia, not English).

Now, i need to focus on my next project of writing. It is already 2 years more, that i’m absent doing this, since my son was born and i have to focus on him for this time being..:)

My 6th Book Cover : Twist Of Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty : Melawan Mantra Tidur

Sleeping Beauty : Melawan Mantra Tidur

This is my sixth book cover. But it is not a hard copy book. It is actually my first e-book ever…:)

This book is also tell a story about a twist of Sleeping beauty story. In this story, i challange the character to be a tough girl. She loves climbing and riding a horse. Even the Prince, can not beat her passion in this sport.
Any way, the theme of the story is about the adventure of sleeping beauty and her friend, to find the Remedy Of Sleeping’s Mantra.

The flower in this cover is a rare flower. I put some effort to research about the flower and other things. i love to put some information about something consider with knowledge in my novels.

You can buy this book, through this link (online book store).  It is not expensive, and it is in promotion, so you will have discount when you buy it.

Please tell me if you have an excitement in reading it.

My 5th book cover : Twist Story of Little Mermaid


My next children book cover was for the twist story of little mermaid.

Bentang Belia called me at that time, and requested a story that based on little mermaid story.

Need extra time to reseach for this, and also how to make the story different, but still in the same red line with the original story.

I just had two months to finish this story. The twist about little mermaid story. And i love the book cover..:)

My 3rd Children Book Cover : Gomawoyo Chef!



Story of Girl who love to make a dasik. A korean tradisional cake

Story of Girl who love to make a dasik. A korean tradisional cake


I wrote this book only for one month. Actually, three weeks in research and one week for writing. It was an unbelievable moment to do this project. I was pregnant, about 25 weeks if i’m not mistaken. This book told us about a boy who travel to his village, meet a girl who love cook dasik, a tradisional korean cake.

Anyway… i love the illustration of the cover. it was illustrated by Margaretta Devi. Inside the book was illustrated by Nisa Nafisah. it is sooo eye catching…

You can still buy this book in online store. it’s just a little bit difficult to find it in a book store.

My First Novel Cover : Odie


First Novel Odie adalah buku cerita untuk anak, karya solo perdanaku.

Let me introduce you, to my first novel.

The character name is Odie. He is 8 years old boy, and  has a high curiosity. He always late go to school, because he loves to see a lot of things around him.

He found an old backpack from his grandpa’s box. Since that moment, The backpack changed his life.

It is a fantasy story. I just love him so much… He is sooo cute..:)