My 8th Book Cover : Penahluk Firaun (Kisah Nabi Musa As dan Harun As). First Islamic Book I Ever Wrote



This is my first islamic book i ever wrote, especially for children.
It was not easy to write this book. I almost desperate when i wrote it.

But, thanks God, i can fullfilled my responsibility to the team that wrote about Stories of all Prophet in Quran.

I was choosen to write about Prophet Musa and Prophet Harun based on Quran. I did buy a Tafsir of Quran from Ibn Khaldun to help me in finishing this book.

It took almost half year to research and write about this book. Actually until now, i still can’t believe and proud of myself, that i can finish this book, even as a lately one in my team. *sorry for the team.

I hope in the future, i will write more islamic book and children book. Amin