Billa and her talent

Billa and one of her creation.

Billa and one of her creation.


I know Billa loves to draw anything since her at kindergarden B (TK B)

But, when she did something in orderly, and i saw it as a similar as pic book, i just shocked

How come my little girl could do that. i never taught her to make the pic book. The fact is, i can’t make it at all.

Today, she already made a few of pic book. But some of it, i kept it for ourselves. And the rest i share in this blog or e-book free blog, belong to Gita Lovusa.

And, now. Billa has a slot for a profile as an author in that website. I feel so proud. I don’t know, whether her talent in drawing pic book will continue for the rest of her life, or it will cut off when she gets older.

All i want to say, that… as long as she love making a story and a drawing, i will support her to do that.

I just wish all the best for her, for whatever she will choose for her future.


This is what written in the blog, about Billa’s profile : 

Penyuka kardus, pensil warna, serta kertas kosong ini, sekarang sekolah di kelas 1 SD Islam Alsyukro Universal Ciputat. Bercita-cita menjadi penggambar, penulis, dan penghapal Alquran.
Setiap pulang sekolah selalu bermain dengan Aam, adiknya, dan mengutak-atik kardus, lem, serta beragam benda dalam kotak mainannya.

Translate :

Cardboard, colored pencils and blank paper lover, is student of Secondary School of Islam Alsyukro Universal Ciputat. She is at First Grade. Want to be an Illustrator, writer, and Koran Memorizer.
Each time, if she come home from school, she will always play with Aam, her brother, and fiddling with cardboard, glue, and a variety of objects in the toy box.


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