My 7th Book Cover : The Cousins (First from -intention- Trilogy)




The person that i put in charge in looking for the sketch of this cover, is my brother. I asked him to draw a sketch about a boy with a cool face. And i need the eyes as a background.

Dhika, my brother, drew a sketch like what i want. I gave it to the publisher, and they made the cover like this.

I love it. Even, i hate a bracelet that this boy’s wearing. it is not what i wish for. But, despite of that, i love the cool face and the eyes of this cover….

I’ve wrote about the process in writing this novel in this post.  (But in Bahasa Indonesia, not English).

Now, i need to focus on my next project of writing. It is already 2 years more, that i’m absent doing this, since my son was born and i have to focus on him for this time being..:)


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