My 5th book cover : Twist Story of Little Mermaid


My next children book cover was for the twist story of little mermaid.

Bentang Belia called me at that time, and requested a story that based on little mermaid story.

Need extra time to reseach for this, and also how to make the story different, but still in the same red line with the original story.

I just had two months to finish this story. The twist about little mermaid story. And i love the book cover..:)


My 4th book cover. Now as a co-writer


This time, i was a co writer for this young violinist. His name si Fakhri. He has a lot of experiences and achievement in his life, even when we wrote this story, his age was around 12 years old.

He is a really nice kid. Smart and humble.

Love to work with him as his co-writer…:)

He has two¬†publish book after this book. So he is smart…:)